It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Next Seinfeld?


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When Seinfeld aired its series finale 17-years ago, many people had the thought of what television show would take over the reigns from the classic 90’s sitcom as the ‘next’ Seinfeld. The show about nothing never failed to make people feel that their day wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been. Now it’s 2016, and the ‘next’ Seinfeld has already been on TV for a decade. A show that is foolish and like Seinfeld. The show just completed its 11th comical season in March while show has been on the air since 2005. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the show that is often called ‘Seinfeld on crack’.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia premiered on FX on August 4th, 2005. A show that involves five deprived, selfish, and narcissistic characters who run a bar in Philadelphia named Paddy’s Pub. Creator Rob McElhenney (who actually grew up in Philly, hence the name of the show) didn’t know what he would be getting into with the idea of a sitcom. Before Sunny secured a show on FX McElhenney, along with co-creators Charlie Day and, Glenn Howerton shot an episode on their own cameras worth $200.

Once they got the green light, the first season of Sunny consisted of seven episodes. It even lacked recognizable names and had mild ratings until the arrival of Danny DeVito in season two. Seinfeld also endeavored tough times in the early beginning as well. For a show that had five episodes in its first season, the show didn’t even crack the Top 40 of the Nielsen Ratings until its fourth season.

If you’re a fan of either show, you will find there to be many similarities and differences that can seen between both shows. One obvious similarity is the assertive female role of Seinfeld’s Elaine and Sunny’s Sweet Dee. Both women are there to put the men in line with the show and, be the butt end of every joke or scheme they merge. The men from both shows offer a consistency of narcissism and an eye-wide scheme that usually blows up by the end of each episode.

Seinfeld is not only great, but one of the best sitcoms we’ve seen to date. The show was just fantastic because it was appealing to watch the characters go through common situations we all face. An example of this is the season five episode, The Marine Biologist.

Jerry meets a female friend from college and claims that George is a marine biologist. George keeps lying about his job when he is called upon to use his nonexistent marine biology skills to save a whale on the beach. George reveals that the whale’s blowhole that had been blocked with Kramer’s golf ball. Eventually George also told his girlfriend about not really being a marine biologist. Another rough end to Costanza’s self-deprived lifestyle.

It’s Always Sunny is a bit more moderate in a sense that the characters aren’t trying to make you laugh, but they’re not trying to make themselves look like complete fools. In season 2, Dennis and Dee quit their jobs at Paddy’s Pub and go on welfare. Days later, they end up addicted to crack and have to weasel their way back to their jobs at the bar.

The biggest difference between both shows is the award recognition. Seinfeld gathered up 68 Emmy nominations in its seven first seasons. Unfortunately, Sunny has managed TWO nominations in its first 10 seasons. So they decided to incorporate the lack of award recognition when writer David Hornsby managed to create an episode on the shows lack of Emmy nominations. ‘The Gang Tries Desperately to Win An Award’ which turned out to be one of the best episodes from Sunny’s ninth season.

From the hilarious awkward encounters with the person we despise, to dwelling on a single thought for days that throws out the virtues of reality in the trash, Seinfeld and Sunny provided that content on their respective shows. However, Sunny  has taken a bigger grasp on that idea for many seasons.

Times have changed since the Seinfeld era. The excellence of these shows can help the audience understand their own dysfunctional group of friends and to learn to laugh at their bizarre shenanigans. Both shows present truly horrible human beings as the main characters are the worst people in their respective cities of New York and Philadelphia.

So is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia the ‘next’ SeinfeldWell thanks to Hulu, we can now stop looking for a more devolved, and right version on SeinfeldSunny is currently filming their 12th season and signed on for two more seasons on they way and the show is , and perhaps another Emmy nomination if the cards play right for the fab five.

For a show about selfish jerks and a show about nothing, the gang from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has you covered.



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