The Modern Hearts Are The Ones To Watch This Summer

Things are really heating up for The Modern Hearts this summer and will only get hotter as the year goes on.

Most recently, the band had huge success at Canadian Music Week 2015. Not only did their showcase performance at The Underground Garage completely sell out the venue – unprecedented for an unsigned indie band, but they also caught the attention of some of the top labels and industry pros. I had a chance to meet and talk with the group at one of their favourite Toronto hangouts, C’est What. They commented on their success at CMW 2015 and what they took away from it.

For the most part, the thrill for them was networking, showing up everyday and making connections that will be meaningful to them as a band down the road.

Bass player Jason Sulyma was proud of the night they performed overall. “Even people who were outside reached out to us after, mainly through Facebook and social media to tell us that we were good and they wished they were inside with everyone else. To me that’s awesome!

We are really confident in our music and we know the direction we’re going in,” said guitarist Steve Wilde. “But to get the validation from fans and important people in the industry is amazing. It makes us stop wondering if we’re on crazy pills or something.”

The band’s sophomore album is already underway in production. You can expect to hear their new single ‘Want You So Bad’ which is poised to be a smash hit this summer. Lead vocalist Gary Stitt and guitarist Steve Wilde gave some details on what you can expect from the album.

This new album is about moments and the moments in the songs. There will be more pop elements mixed with real raw alternative rock and roll kind of feel.”

One major thing you can expect is we’ve got more of a pulse on what’s happening in the industry. This album is still in keeping with who we are individually, and also as the group The Modern Hearts,

The Toronto based indie/alternative rock band consists of four very talented musicians; Gary Stitt (vocals/ keyboard/ guitar), A.J. Pinsonneault (drums), Steve Wilde (guitar) and Jason (“Jay”) Sulyma (bass). Gary, A.J. and Jay are alums of the impressive music program at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and Steve is a business grad from the University of Regina. They have made leaps and bounds in their career since releasing their debut album in 2014 titled “Into The Wild”. The album received critical acclaim and helped them to win Big Music Fest’s Breaking Bands competition in Kitchener in July 2014, which was a tremendous accomplishment considering they beat out 1600 other bands.

This August, the band will be on the road for their month long West Canada tour which officially starts in Winnipeg. Leading up to that, you can see The Modern Hearts play back-to-back shows in Windsor on June 26th and 27th at the Venue Music Hall. Be sure to mark your calendar for two shows in Toronto on July 9th at the Rivoli and at Sneaky Dee’s on August 1st.

On July 11th, the band will once again rock the stage at Big Music Fest in Kitchener, one year after winning the Breaking Bands 2014 competition that helped get their foot in the door. They remember some of the best advice they received from Alan Cross, who was one of the judges of the competition.

He spoke to us about how to build our team and the four pillars of building a band, and that some artist development will go a long way and help get your name out there in the music industry,” said drummer A.J. Pinsonneault. “We didn’t know just how important all of that was before and we’ll never forget it.”

The Modern Hearts are ready to take on the next challenges in their career and face every obstacle that may come along. There is a lot of promise and plenty of cool things happening for these guys in the near future. This is definitely a band to keep your eyes on and your ears tuned to their music.

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